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What we like this month...

12 January 2016

This month we....


absolutely love these new products in the shop...

New Babyoshka stackable nesting dolls by Ingela P Arrhenius at The Pippa & Ike Show

The Babyoshkas are the new members of the Ingela P Arrhenius nestingdoll family. They have a cute, round shape and are a nice chucky size. They can be nested or stacked and will look brilliant as playable room decoration. Perfect to play with for the little ones, as there are no small parts...'My First Nestingdolls' or shall we say 'My First Ingela'! There are two sets to choose from: Tiger or Owl


can't stop listening to...



This live version of The Wave by Villagers...beautiful and kind of haunting, it even pops up in my dreams!


are in love with...


Antony Gormley Exposure, Lelystad

Flying to the Netherlands to celebrate my mum's 75th birthday, I read a small article in the KLM magazine about one of my favourite sculptors Antony Gormley. It showed his work 'Exposure' in Lelystad (NL), which totally blew me away. A very striking, 26 meter tall statue of a crouching man, perched on a dyke in a Dutch polder, patiently overlooking the stretches of water it is surrounded by. As the sea level rises, the Dutch will have to make their dykes higher to protect the country, thus slowly burying part of the work. (Photo Antony Gormley)


feel inspired by..


link to Intsgarm feed HuskMitNavn

The Instagram feed of Copenhagen based artist HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName). His work is cartoonesk, funny, intelligent, original, controversial and is often so brilliant it makes me laugh out loud. (photo from HuskMitNavn IG feed)


packed a lot of...

enamel flowerpot sets Couple and Garden by Ingela P Arrhenius for Omm Design at The Pippa & Ike Show

We packed so many of the fabulous enamel flowerpot sets by Ingela P Arrhenius, that the Couple set  went out of stock in no time. Not to worry, news ones have been ordered and will arrive within a week. We still have some stock of the Garden set.


Pippa & Ike are crazy about...


The Phoenix Comic

The Phoenix Comic year subscription Pippa & Ike got for Christmas is a huge success. I remember so vividly the excitement of receiving weekly comic magazines Donald Duck and the Okki, Jippo and Taptoe as a kid in The Netherlands.

The Phoenix is a British weekly comic for kids...funny, it has lots of original characters and story lines and as a big bonus inspires to draw as well. Pippa & Ike sit on the sofa together taking turns in reading pages, trying to do funny voices, spelling out tricky words, making drawings in their sketchbooks...its brilliant and highly recommended! (photo from The Phoenix Comic website)


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