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The Pippa & Ike Show is for sale!

23 November 2018

The Pippa & Ike Show is for sale!

Have you been thinking about having your own online shop?

But are you hesitating, because it's a lot of work to do the design and set it all up? To find out where to get stock and packaging materials, how shipping works, to set up a payment system, what blurb to write? To get your first customers, your first likes and followers?

Well...The Pippa & Ike Show is a brilliant shop, it is for sale and all the hard work has been done for you! You could be up and running, shipping orders within a week!

The Pippa & Ike Show is based in Bristol, United Kingdom, so I am looking for a UK buyer.

What is included in the sale?

  • Online shop. I'll give you a little manual how it all works. For example how to upload a new item, how to prepare an order for shipping, where to find reports for your bookkeeping etc. The shop runs on the secure Shopify platform. Shopify has a very well organised support system and professionals are always there to help solve problems and answer questions. Payment goes through PayPal and Stripe (Shopify's own very secure payment platform). The shop has a reward system for loyal customers. Customers can create a wish list or a gift registry list for special occasions. The shop is linked to Mailchimp for your news letters, and has good Google ranking particularly for best selling brands.
  • Stock. Stock levels are deliberately low at the moment to keep initial purchase costs as low as possible for you. You pan put your own stamp on the shop if you wish or continue with the shop as it is. I can tell you which brands and items are bestsellers and you should definitely consider re-stocking.
  • Packaging materials. This includes our superb selection of gift wrap, gift bags, ribbons and stickers. Plus boxes, shipping bags, filler material, 'documents enclosed' wallets, plain tags etc. Office and stockroom. Included in the sale is a Shopify card machine, so you can take card payments when you decide to sell at fairs. Also included is professional quality warehouse shelving, a tape gun, clear tape, 'fragile' tape, professional scales to weigh your parcels, a light box to take good product photos with your phone, a price gun and price stickers, a quick tag gun with tags.
  • Social media. Over 4400 Instagram followers. Over 1600 Facebook likes. 740 Twitter followers. Over 2600 genuine subscribers to the Mailchimp mailing list.

What do you need?

Apart from your dream to own the shop, you'll need space to run it from. A room ± 3.5 x 3.5 meter is sufficient. The shop comes with 3 large shelving units, 2 of which can stand unsupported. You'll need a laptop, a printer and a desk to work from. I run the shop next to another job, the size it is now it takes me ± 10 hours per week. Of course you can easily build this up and grow the shop. The purchase price of the shop depends on actual stock and packaging levels at the time of sale.

What is not included?

The name of the shop is preferably not included in the sale as the shop is named after our children Pippa & Ike. It is perhaps nice to start with a name that is personal to you anyway? However we can negotiate a price if you would prefer to run the shop under it's original name and with the original logo.

Does this give you the 'yes, I would very much like to buy your shop' feeling?

If this all makes your heart beat faster and you are seriously thinking about taking on the shop, please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you and talk things through with you.

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  • Mark Robson: January 15, 2019

    ‘Yes, I would very much like to buy your shop’

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