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    Customer Comments

     Tracy | 02/04/2018 | Canada
    Really fast shipping. Packaged so well. Love the items so much. I will be back for more, no doubt about that! Thankyou
     Monika | 15/03/2018 | Spain
    Fast Shipping and Lovely gift wrapping! Wonderful service! I'm Very Happy with my item. Thank you :-)
     Mick Round | 02/02/2018 | UK
    great service and a lovely choice of items I wouldn't find anywhere else. I will be back for more soon.
     Amanda | 17/01/2018 |
    Received as a gift, absolutely beautiful gift wrapping and gorgeous presents inside. Will be shopping here again, thank you!
     Susan Pavlides | 11/12/2017 | UK
    Arrived quickly, in perfect condition and SO SO SO wonderfully wrapped and the travel mugs were perfect for teachers and the puzzle is on its way to America. You have a wonderful eye for collecting such a great edit of gifts. Thanks.
     Laura Dorrington | 05/12/2017 | UK
    I absolutely love your range of products - so beautiful and unique. I found you last year and was so happy with my purchases and your gift wrapping, I knew just where to come this Christmas. I'd love to see even more games for older children if possible...puzzles and picture games for 9+...
     Richard Pearce | 04/12/2017 | UK
    Very pleased. I am sure that our daughter will love it!!!
     Louise Thomas | 04/12/2017 | UK
    Shopped from you before, I'm back for more delights, thanks!
     David Kitchen | 30/11/2017 | UK
    Returning customer, back for more! Huge thank you, really pleased whenever I shop here and great selection!
     Veronica | 28/11/2017 | UK
    Yeahhh! My order arrived and so very fast!! Thank you so much ! Hope you all have a good Christmas season!!!
     Jasmin Pimley | 26/11/2017 | USA
    I love and want everything on your site. Great curation and prices.
     Joyce Marsden | 24/11/2017 | UK
    Parcels arrived all beautifully gift wrapped by yourselves. Won't see products open till Christmas Day ,I am sure they will be perfect. Thank you.
     Louise Thomas | 21/11/2017 | UK
    Great shop! Loving the graphic design element to all your products - I'll be back!
     Kate Coleman | 21/11/2017 | UK
    You guys are always terrific! Lovely stuff and great service
     Victori Hamilton | 16/11/2017 | UK
    So many beautiful things on your website - Christmas organised for the many children in my life. I'll be back
     Alice Milligan | 12/11/2017 | UK
    Wonderful wonderful things! Love everything! Especially the under £20 and under £10 stuff for gifts and stocking fillers
     Maria Huutoniemi | 02/11/2017 | Finland
    I'm loving the plates!!! I ordered apple, bear, bunny, fox, cat, hedgehog and ladybug. ♡♡♡
     Rosa | 02/11/2017 | Iceland
    Great service, careful packaging and excellent products. Highly recommended!
     Lindsay | 06/08/2017 | UK
    Great shop, such beautifully curated objects. I'm so glad I found you!
     Yvonne | 20/07/2017 | UK
    First class service, would highly recommend - thank you
     Nick Hernandez | 07/04/2017 | Australia
    Hi guys,Yes! My parcel arrived yesterday. I love the care you took in the packing. The service was/is quick and professional. Nice work . Thank you from an Australian dad
     Kelly | 25/03/2017 | UK
    Love your site!!!
     Dikla | 10/03/2017 | Israel
    Thank you for the great service! everything was wrapt nicely and it was the perfect gift
     Becky Green | 28/02/2017 | Singapore
    So much to love! First--shipping to Singapore is always a little sketchy, and there were no issues. Hooray! And then--to open the box and see my order in brightly wrapped packages---totally delightful! Everything is gorgeous and in great condition. I'm strutting around my office with my Frida Kahlo mug trying to stir up everyone's envy. Love the products and love the customer service. Thank you!
     Linda | 21/02/2017 | UK
    Super quick service and very nice wrapping. Thanks so much
     Rejia Such | 21/02/2017 | UK
    Thank you for great and fast service. Very happy with the product too. My daughter loves her panda lamp :)
     Jane Green | 13/02/2017 | UK
    This is a new shop to me so not sure what to expect. The gift arrived within 48 hours, beautifully wrapped and I'm very impressed.
     Amy | 24/12/2016 | UK
    Best online shopping experience with such a lovely personal touch too...will be back again and again
     June Fay | 24/12/2016 | UK
    Thank you for the excellent service and product. I bought a set of plate, dish and mug for my grandson and it arrived promptly and he will love the bright design but has not seen it yet as it is part of his Christmas present.
     Nick P | 19/12/2016 | UK
    This is the first time I have ordered from this site and I was very impressed with the service and speedy delivery. Products were very well packaged and arrived earlier than expected. Thank you, would definitely recommend.
     Sarah | 10-12/2016 | UK
    Wonderful products, great service and lovely gift wrapping. Bought some Christmas presents for my son and referred my Dad here, who promptly bought him more presents. I'm trying very hard not to buy some Christmas presents for myself.
     Mark Ravensdale | 10-12/2016 | England
    Like the site. Like the products. Like the packaging and delivery time. I'll be back
     Caroline | 08-12/2016 | UK
    I stumbled across your website and am so glad I did - so much good stuff! Super friendly service and my order arrived promptly and beautifully packaged too. Well done!
     Martha Gulley | 07-12/2016 | USA
    First time ordering from you and I was estatic! Our posters arrived safe and sound and I cannot wait to get them framed and up in my baby's nursery. They are the finishing touch that the room needs, and will transition to any part of the house. Thank you!
     Brendan Waller | 05-12/2016 | UK
    My stuff arrived on time and well packaged. Can't wait for the goodies to be opened by nearest and dearest on Christmas Day. Thanks P&I - this is the second time I've ordered from you and it continues to be a pleasure.
     Amritha | 16/11/2016 | USA
    we love your designers & taste in merchandise! keep on keeping on :)
     Diane | 14/11/2016 | UK
    So thrilled with my first order...prompt, care taken in wrapping, hand written labels are a lovely touch..will recommend to friends and family, thanks
     Rebecca | 13/11/2016 | UK
    I don't often leave reviews but super happy with this company. Gorgeous gifts for my niece and nephew plus they went the extra mile by providing great customer service. Thanks!
     Michelle | 10/11/2016 | UK
    Beautfiul selection of products - I'm very pleased I found you. It was a search for the Londji puzzle which led me to you. I'll definitely be back.
     Astrid | 08/11/2016 | UK
    My order arrived quickly and the products are gorgeous. You guys have such a fabulous selection of different and unusual brands, not just your bland old high street offering. The shopping experience was a pleasure and the products arrived beautifully wrapped in fun and funky tissue paper - a lovely touch. Will definitely be browsing again when I need a special gift for a special little person. Well done all round xo
     Melissa | 01/11/2016 | Ireland
    Wonderful products and beautifully gift wrapped too :)
     Billie | 27/10/2016 | UK
    Hi, Thanks for the quick delivery. I love my purchases and your service was excellent. I'll definitely be buying more stuff!
     Fatma | 26/10/2016 | Germany
    thank you again for the fast and nice service. my package arrived right on time and i'm so in love with the product! i'll be back soon. kind regards
     Jennifer Watson | 14/10/2016 | UK
    My package arrived right on time and the gift wrap was perfect, I took it straight to my friend's baby shower. Many thanks, Jen
     Tanya | 13/10/2016 | UK
    my favourite site for children's presents!
     Rachel | 11/10/2016 | UK
    Thanks as always for the beautiful packaging, fast service and gorgeous products!
     Polar | 30/09/2016 | USA
    I knew I wouldn't be disappointed with the items ordered for my little one, we love all of them! Packaging also very pretty. We just wish you'd sell curtains for kids' rooms designed with those cute styles! We'll be happy to be back!! Thanks a bunch!!!
     Danielle Turquand | 23/09/2016 | UK
    Amazing products, efficient delivery, love this place!
     Lesley Quesada | 15/09/2016 | USA
    The parcel arrived perfectly wrapped and ready to party off to its recipient! Very pleased and will certainly be back for additional orders. Cheers!
     Femke | 11/07/2016 | The Netherlands
    Wow! What a great webshop! There's too much to choose from.
     Deb | 03/07/2016 | UK
    Thank you so much, my order was beautifully packaged and and made a perfect birthday present for my daughter.
     Dave | 09/06/2016 | UK
    Lovely shop. The one I wish I'd started. I'll be back, soon. Keep up the lovely selection!
     Vanessa | 29/04/2016 | UK
    my 2 orders arrived promptly and beautifully gift wrapped....thank you! super web shop with lots of inspiring gifts and wants!
     Jenny | 15/04/2016 | UK
    Order arrived perfectly! Really well packaged and lovely wrapping, couldn't be happier :) Thanks so much
     Caroline | 08/04/2016 | UK
    Fantastic, speedy service and my little boy loves his teaset. Thank you!
     Allison | 11/03/2016 | Germany
    Items arrived in a timely manner and look great! Thanks so much!
     Mithila Shafiq | 03/03/2016 | UK
    Love my bags. Have been buying stuff from you for years and never been disappointed :)
     Hanni Mitelman | 22/02/2016 | Israel
    I received my beautiful poster last week. I love it! it arrived quickly and was wrapped beautifuly and more important in a sealed wrap. Thank you!!!!
     Hélène KY | 21/02/2016 | France
    Hello, My order arrived very quickly with a nice packaging. I am very happy. Thank you !
     Little Birdy | 18/02/2016 | UK
    Great items delivered fast and lovely wrapping! Many thanks!
     Dr Seralynne Vann | 17/02/2016 | Wales
    Parcel arrived and beautifully wrapped. The jigsaws are a massive hit and we generally love all of it, thank you!
     Red Bird Makes | 11/02/2016 | England
    Amazingly fast service, amazing products and beautiful gift wrapping making shopping so much fun...! Thank you
     Dru | 01/02/2016 | London, England
    amazing service. Fast and efficient replies to email. Great friendly service. Defo use them again!
     Hollie | 17/01/2016 | England
    AMAZING EVERYTHING. Products were super cute and my delivery arrived in 4 days!! Bring on pay day to put in more orders!
     Krishna Handa | 17/01/2016 | India
    Hi very happy with your prompt delivery and every thing was packed perfectly. Thank you
     Faye | 30/12/2015 | England
    Great Service, wonderful selection of gifts & treats on the website at reasonable prices. Lucky for me they are based in Bristol so I was able to collect asap, but if the delivery is as efficient as the email response then no doubt it would be quick too.
     Rebecca | 21/12/2015 | Ireland
    Absolutely love everything!! the gift wrap is just beautiful :)
     Cathy Shepherd | 05/12/2015 | Australia
    Delivery was really very quick. I ordered bunting and it is supernice quality and I will enjoy using it.
     Elizabeth | 20/11/2015 | UK
    Love following you on Instagram and love your products!
     Andrea | 17/11/2015 | UK
    Great selection of gifts and I keep coming back.
     Nessa | 16/11/2015 | UK
    You are my ultimate retail therapy hit - always guiltless buying cause it's all so FAB too 
     Zoe Sullivan | 13/11/2015 | UK
    Thanks - it arrived quickly and beautifully wrapped! I love your free wrapping - its brilliant.
     Tracy | 12/11/2015 | London, UK
    Loving the selection - cool stuff for kids whose parents aren't attracted to pink for girls and blue for boys
     Sarah | 08/11/2015 | Birmingham, UK
    It did arrive very quickly thanks. Fabulous service and great wrapping - saving me lots of time! Thanks
     Linda Paulovics | 08/11/2015 | Hungary
    We have recieved our order on last thursday, and we are very happy with it! My son is totally in love with Pale Nulle!! ☺️ I love your webshop and all the products! The gift wrap was lovely and cool! I'm sure i'll return back to the Show soon
     Rafidah Othman | 06/11/2015 | Singapore
    Hi, I've received my parcel. Overall I'm pleased with Pippa and Ike Show's services and response to orders and deliveries. Although one of my items was damaged I was satisfied with the follow up . Thumbs up! Will visit the site again soon! xoxo
    Zoe | 20/10/2015 | England
    Thank you so much for your brilliant customer service!
     Justine | 02/09/2015 | England
    Was googling a specific gift I required. Fantastic! Thanks for stocking it : )
    Leah | 19/01/2015 | England
    My order arrived so fast! It was also so beautifully packaged with lovely tissue and paper bags – a real treat. I have been ordering from lots of companies lately and I am so impressed with the gorgeous quirky things you offer and your fabulous service. Look forward to ordering from pippa and ike again soon and recommending you to all my friends!
    Paulina | 16/05/2014 | Norway
    Wonderful selection of products, beautiful and careful wrapping, and impeccable customer service, will continue to shop from this shop again and again!,
    Vicky Volckman | 16/12/2013 | England
    Thank you for such beautifully wrapped gifts! I will defiantly be ordering from you in the future. I love everything you stock and your customer service is excellent
    Helen Bertin | 22/04/2013 | England
    Hi, received my goods so beautifully and carefully wrapped and packed, it was like Christmas again! Always great service and lovely products. Thank you
    Elisa | 29/03/2013 | Italy
    Thank you so much. My order is speedly arrived. The two posters were beautifully packaged and now i only have to put them on the wall! Can’t wait…. Bye bye from Italy!
    Lucy | 14/03/2013
    Thank you so much! It all arrived safely and beautifully packaged. Really appreciate the free Bristol postage too, so much easier than making a trip with two little children. x x x
    Anja Dalton | 7/03/2013 | England
    Just wanted to say thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the Animal Tree Print I ordered. It was nicely wrapped in tissue paper and is the perfect thing to brighten up my baby’s nursery. I even decided what colours to paint the room after seeing this print in the shop a while ago! Thanks again.
    Rebecca Lazard | 16/01/2013 | England
    I am so pleased with my order, it came so quickly and was beautifully wrapped, thankyou! Loving my little one’s superhero tights!
    Linna Sim | 29/12/2012 | England
    Many thanks for the recent order of the norsu elephants in pink, red and yellow. The kids loved them! It was very nice of you to have each of them beautifully wrapped! They arrived on the mail on Christmas eve – just in time for Christmas! Thanks again!
    Wai Lian | 18/12/2012 | England
    What a complete and utter joy to receive and open my little box of treasure. Thank you for all the effort of wrapping every item, they look amazing. Now the hard part, to hand them over to some small child at Christmas, I want to keep the lot! x
    Catherine | 11/12/2012 | England
    I really loved the selection of fun and hard to find items. I had no trouble finding something for everyone on my list. Customer service was very friendly and got back to me fast. I definitely felt like a valued customer. Shipping was speedy and well packaged! I will definitely be shopping here again soon. Thanks!
    Seline Jonker | 28/11/2012 | Nederland
    Wat een geweldige site! Voor iedereen iets leuks.. goed geshopt voor mijn aankomende kleine ventje,mijn zoontje van 2 en super leuke slinger voor mama zelf :) En toen het pakje kwam was het hier net Sinterklaas.. Alles helemaal gezellig ingepakt. Een feest om alles uit te pakken. Bedankt voor de goede en leuke service!!! Groetjes,Seline
    Julia Goodfellow | 26/10/2012 | England
    The Pippa and Ike show is a real find, great fast service with the personal touch and stocked full of gems not seen on the high street. I can see myself shopping on this website for years to come.
    Karen | 30/08/2012
    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful items that were delivered super fast, The Katvig cardigan and Bobo choses tee are so adorable and look great on my two year old son. Also a big thank you for refunding me so quickly when there was a mix up with sizes, so kind of you. I will be recommending you to my friends and family. Best wishes and i look forward to receiving the Katvig jacket. :)
    Samantha | 16/08/2012 | England
    Hi there, I wanted to say how impressed I was with my first order. Not only did it arrive super-quick, but it was SO beautifully wrapped. The little card you put in was a real bonus as I just happen to love Darling Clementine. Yup, definitely found my go-to place for gifts for the kiddos (especially if it means I’ll never have to wrap them again!)
    Tiffany Davenport | 20/07/2012 | Netherlands
    What a fantastic collection of all-things-gorgeous! I’m in love and inspired. Everything I’ve ever ordered from you makes me happy. Thanks Lianne!

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