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    Our free gift registry is a handy tool that allows you to ask for those special gifts you would really like to receive, and allows the gift giver to purchase something he or she knows will be much appreciated by you....perfection both ways we think!


    What is the difference between a Gift Registry and a Wish List?

    A Registry is a list of products you would love to receive for a special occasion. The gift giver can purchase straight from the Registry List. The Registry app keeps track of the purchases made from the list and the inventory. Registry lists are intended for special occasions like a Baby Shower, Christening, babies First Birthday party, a wedding, a house warming or any other occasion that asks for a big party. A Registry list has a closing date, usually the date of the party or a few days before that. The Registry List can be easily shared with family and friends.

    A Wishlist is more for personal use, a list of things you know you like in our shop and might wish to purchase at some point for yourself or as a gift. Of course you can show your list to others, for example for Christmas or for a Birthday, so family and friends have an idea of items you like. The Wishlist app doesn't keep track of purchases or inventory.


    Find a Registry

    You will either have received a link from the gift recipient or you can search for their list, by typing in the name of their list in the search box.


    Purchase from a Registry

    Simply add the item or items you wish to give straight from the Registry List to your shopping basket. You can have your purchase shipped to you or straight to the recipient. We will use the shipping address you provide.

    We offer free beautiful gift wrap and can add a free gift tag with a hand written message, please let us know when you are on the check-out page.

    The Registry List will be updated automatically, so no 'double gifts' will be given (the update might take a few minutes).

    You can add items you wish to purchase for yourself to your basket, but don't do this via the Registry List, please go to the shop and purchase from there. A 'mixed' order like this has to be shipped to you, you can't specify 2 different shipping addresses.


    Create a Registry

    Please log-in to your shop account (or create one), create a Registry, set a date and start adding items to it.

    On every product page you'll find a button 'add to Registry', you can add multiples of one item by changing the quantity before you click 'add to Registry'.

    If you have indicated you would like to receive more than one of the samee item, your friends can purchase either one, two or all of them to give to you, the remainder will stay on your list.

    Once you have created your list, you will receive a link you can share with family and friends. So they'll be sure to get you exactly what you want!


    Make changes to your Registry

    Simply log-in to your account to add or delete items, go to 'view/edit/sort registry items'.

    Account information can be updated under 'my information'

    Please do get in touch if you have any questions.





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