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    What is the difference between a Gift Registry and a Wish List?

    Registry is a list of products you have collected that you would love to receive for a special occasion. The gift giver can purchase straight from the Registry List. The Registry app keeps track of the purchases made from the list and the inventory. Registry lists are intended for special occasions like a Baby Shower, Christening, babies First Birthday party, a wedding, a house warming or any other occasion that asks for a big party. A Registry list has a closing date, usually the date of the party or a few days before that. The Registry List can be easily shared with family and friends.

    Wishlist is more for personal use, a list of things you know you like in our shop and might wish to purchase at some point for yourself or as a gift. Of course you can show your list to others, for example for Christmas or for a Birthday, so family and friends have an idea of items you like. The Wishlist app doesn't keep track of purchases or inventory.


    Create a Wishlist

    Please log-in to your shop account (or create one) and create a Wishlist. On every product page you'll find a button 'add to Wishlist'. The app doesn't keep track of purchases, so you'll have to remove purchased items yourself. Wishlists do not expire, they can only be created, edited or deleted. Deleted Wishlists can not be retrieved. 

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